Pin Grading Policy

Thank you for your interest in our pins! We always do our best to make sure that the pins you receive are high quality. Enamel pins are filled and polished by hand, so small defects are a natural occurrence of the manufacturing process. We have sorted our pins according to a grading system so you can pick pins depending on your usage needs. All of our pins are graded according to the following system:

Standard Grade Pins: Our Standard Grade Pins are of the highest quality and are free of major defects. These pins may still have minor flaws, such as small scratches, slight color variations, or small areas of missing enamel. Standard pins are perfect for if you are an avid pin collector or to wear it out on your bags, hats, or apparel.

Seconds: Our Seconds pins are pins that are a small step below our Standard Grade Pins. These pins may have visible flaws, such as scratches, dust pieces, or small enamel fill errors. These flaws are minor and do not affect the overall appearance or durability of the pin. Standard pins are perfect for casual pin collectors and to wear it out on your bags, hats, or apparel.